Training Videos to Master Vidsnatcher 2.0

Videos are kept short and simplest as posibble if you still have trouble, you can contact the support on the top of the menu.

How to Login?

Video length : 01:32 minutes

Covered topics: How to Login, Reset Password, Contact Support, Training Videos

Dashboard OverView

Video length : 01:00 minutes

Covered topics: Support, Training Videos, Product purchase Record, Saved Project, Ready-Made Templates and Canvas Sizes

Uploading Media

Video length : 01:37 minutes

Covered topics: How to upload Media, Media formats, How to add media to the canvas

Project Properties

Video length : 01:27 minutes

Covered topics: HD Export, Youtube optimized videos, Canvas Background color, Zoom Canvas

Media Properties

Video length : 01:07 minutes

Covered topics: Media allignment on canvas, Adjust media position, Media opacity, Scale Media on Canvas

Timeline Overview

Video length : 01:45 minutes

Covered topics: Add media to the timeline, Timeline Snap Grid, Zoom Timeline, Timeline Tools, Timeline Dragger, Adjust Media Volume

Split and Resizing

Video length : 01:30 minutes

Covered topics: Split Image Video and Audio, Increase or decrease media length, Crop Media

Separate Audio From Video

Video length : 00:41 minutes

Covered topics: Separate Audio, Adjust Volume, Adjust position

Align media on timeline

Video length : 00:52 minutes

Covered topics: Align Media on timeline, Set Media Position, Hide And Lock Layer

Adjust Volume and Cropping

Video length : 01:17 minutes

Covered topics: Adjust Media Volume, Crop Media On Canvas, Media Opacity

Record Voice Over

Video length : 00:42 minutes

Covered topics: How To Record and Listen VoiceOver

Screen Recording

Video length : 01:27 minutes

Covered topics: Full Screen Recording, Current Tab Screen Recording, Face Issue In Screen Recording

Left Media Panel

Video length : 01:50 minutes

Covered topics: Add Media, Add Icons, Add Text, Add Shapes, Add Transitions, Add Background music

Translate and Text to speech

Video length : 01:45 minutes

Covered topics: How To Translate Text, How To Convert Text Into Speech

Save and load project

Video length : 01:09 minutes

Covered topics: Save Project, SaveAs Project, Open Project

How to Export

Video length : 01:08 minutes

Covered topics: Render Video, Checking Rendering Progress, Get Rendered Video, Share Rendered Video to YouTube and Drop box

Menubar Overview

Video length : 01:37 minutes

Covered topics: Training Videos, Support, Change Password, Storage

Share media

Video length : 01:19 minutes

Covered topics: Generate Shareable link of media, Download media, Share Exported Video With Youtube And DropBox